Teen Titans Season 1
Robin and Kid Flash
Teen Titans Episode 1

Dick Grayson and Wally West decide to make a superhero team after Rainbow Raider goes on a crime spree.

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Deathstroke and Robin
Teen Titans Episode 2

Dick Grayson quits the Teen Titans to go looking for Deathstroke.

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Superboy and Robin
Teen Titans Episode 3

Dick Grayson finds out that Superboy is evil, so he teams up with Aqualad and Wonder Girl to defeat him.

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Teen Titans Episode 4

Dick Grayson finds out that he is being replaced by Batman. Aqualad struggles with the thought that he is useless.

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Deathstroke fighting Red Hood
Teen Titans Episode 5

Jason Todd gets caught by Deathstroke.

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 The Teen Titans Fighting Deathstroke
Teen Titans Episode 6

The Teen Titans defeat Deathstroke, but get betrayed by Terra.

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