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SHAZAM! Reading Order
By Duck

jonah hex
Underrated Character Spotlight: Jonah Hex
By Duck

Jonah Hex is my Dad’s favorite superhero. I just finished reading Jonah Hex: Shadows West. It is an underrated comic for a great price. It contains three mini-series’; Two Gun Mojo, Riders of The Worm, and Shadows West. It is amazing! I started looking further into Jonah Hex comics and found another great run; All-Star Western The New 52 All-Star Western. Jonah Hex is an underrated character and is definitely worth a read.

Now is the Best Time To Star Reading Thor Comics!
By Duck

Thor has been having AMAZING comics in the last couple of years. Jason Aaron had a great decade long run. If you want to start reading his run read Thor by Jason Aaron The Complete Collection Volume 1. It has the first eighteen issues of Jason Aaron. The most recent run is by Donny Cates. This dives less into the Norse mythology and more into Marvel mythology. It follows Thor as he becomes the hearld of Galactus. If you want to start reading this run read Thor by Donny Cates: The Devourer King.

Underrated Character Spotlight: Namor The Sub-Mariner
By Duck

Namor is a very underrated character. He has had a lot of comics. Some great ones are Namor: The Best Defense #1 and Namor by John Byrne

Top 5 Best Aquaman Storylines
By Duck

Top 3 Best Carnage Comics
By Duck

star wars
Top 4 Star Wars Comics
By Duck

Top 5 Flash Storylines
By Duck

green lantern
Top 4 Green Lantern Storylines
By Duck

  • 4. Green Lantern: Earth One. Green Lantern Earth One is a comic about Green Lanterns in the future. It is about Green Lantern, but it feels more like Alien and Star Wars. It costs $19.99. Click here to purchase it.
  • 3. Green Lantern: Emerald Twlight. This story shows how powerful Hal Jordan is. It is about Hal Jordan taking over the Green Lantern Corps and becoming Parallax.
  • 2. Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps War. This is written by Geoff Johns, the best Green Lantern writer of all time. This is amazing.
  • 1. Blackest Night. This is also written by Geoff Johns. It costs $24.99. Click here to purchase it.

Top 7 Best Batman Comics
By Duck

Teen Titans
Top 5 Best Teen Titans Storylines
By Duck

Top 5 Best X-Men Runs
By Duck

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