Batman in prision
Batman: White Knight Review
By Duck

Batman White Knight is a comic that twists my perspective. It's different, and I like it because of that. Batman White Knight is written and drawn by Sean Murphy. This looks at the classic Batman character line-up and slightly changes them to fit the story. Each change makes the character fit the story better and makes the character an overall better character. Duke Thomas in the normal Batman comics is just a new Robin, but in Batman White Knight he is a man who lives in the bad parts of Gotham and helps kids. This is also one of the only comics (besides Batman: The Killing Joke) to handle and reveal the Joker's identity in a good way. Joker is so well done in this comic. Jack Napier (Joker’s real name) actually regrets the things he did as Joker. Batman White Knight also has a lot of synergy. Batman and Batgirl’s relationship mirrors Joker and Harley’s relationship. Batman starts out as the good guy and Joker is the bad guy, but by the middle of the comic Batman is the bad guy and Joker is the good guy. Neo Joker and the Mad Hatter mirror Batgirl and Mister Freeze. One plot point that I thought was really well done was Alfred’s death. It was really sad. This is a great comic, good take on Joker, four and a half stars.

falcon comics
The Falcon Review
By Duck

I am a big Falcon fan and The Falcon is the best Falcon series I have ever read. It follows falcon after he broke up with the Avengers. It is a small scale comic that deals more with small threats rather than giant world-ending events. The Falcon highlight how great of a superhero Falcon is in ways that no other comics really can. 5 stars. Great for fans of Falcon and Luke Cage.

Alfred and Bruce Wayne
Batman Earth One Review
By Duck

Batman Earth One is one of the best Batman comics I’ve ever read. It is written by Geoff Johns and drawn by Gary Frank. It’s artwork is great and perfectly matches Batman and Gotham City. It creatively reimagined Batman and Gotham City. It’s story is very similar to the Dark Knight Trilogy. Although it’s story is similar to the movies, it’s dialogue, character development, and the story is different, but amazing. Batman Earth One nails Batman, Penguin, and Alfred. One thing it does really well is following Commissioner Gordon, Harvey Bullock, and the Gotham City Police Department. It has a completely new take on Harvey Bullock. He starts out as an inexperienced cop who was on a tv show. At the end he is the Harvey Bullock we know and love, a bad cop who has no hope in Gotham’s citizens and is scared from his past experiences. The Birthday Boy was Geoff Johns's try at making a Batman villain. Geoff Johns is a great writer, but the Birthday Boy was a failure. It was trying to be a great, strong, memorable villain like Bane, but the Birthday Boy was just too generic. It is just another strong villain working for a bigger and better villain. In this story the bigger and better villain is the Penguin. As you can see, Batman Earth One is a great comic that creativity reimagined Gotham City, it’s only problem is it's villain. Four and a half stars.

Superman and his parents
Superman Secret Origin Review
By Duck

I recently read Superman: Secret Origin. It is amazing. It is written by Geoff Johns and drawn by Gary Frank; the same super star writers behind Batman Earth One; my favorite Batman comic. It perfectly represents what Superman represents; truth, justice, and the American way. In Superman: Secret Origin, Clark Kent (and Superman) are done so well. In Metropolis all he wants is to help people. I also love that his glasses can block his heat vision. Something else I love in it is the Legion of Superheroes in this. It is a great allusion to the early Superboy comics. Speaking of allusions Superman catching Lois when she is falling is probably a reference to the first Christopher Reeves Superman movie. Lex Luthor is also really well done. When we are introduced to Lex Luthor’s charity (where he picks one lucky person to get stuff) everyone wants to get picked, but at the end no one is there (because of Superman). There is a page where you see Lex Luthor at the stage while no one is at his charity. Words can not describe that page. This is why Geoff Johns and Gary Frank are my favorite comic creative team. Great art, even better writing and story, five stars. This review shout-out goes to @Lukemenacho6 on tik tok. @Lukemenacho6 is one of the biggest fans of ducky comics. If you want to receive a shout-out do the survey on the duckycomics.com homepage.

Spider Man
The Amazing Spider-Man: The Parker Luck Review
By Duck

On the Ducky Comics Official Chat, some random person posted a hate review as Peter Parker and complained that all my reviews are DC comics. I wanted to please this mystery person so I looked through my comic collection and found The Amazing Spider-Man: The Parker Luck. This is the first part of Dan Slott’s Amazing Spider-Man run. It starts out with the same beginning as every Spider-Man movie and tv show ever; with Peter Parker being bitten by a radioactive spider, but then a twist happens. The spider goes over and bites Cindy Moon. If you don't know her (like I did before I read this) Cindy Moon is a girl who becomes a superhero named Silk. Silk has the same powers as Spider-Man. Then the comic cuts to current day, Spider-Man is fighting a bunch of no-name villains. All of the villains are really lame. Later, Peter Parker goes to Parker industries. He goes to his lab and a new common comic trope appears that will happen a lot in this comic; confusing exposition about Doc Ock. This will probably bring the book down a half star in the rating. Later J. Jonah Jameson is really sad and he resigns from being the Mayor. I didn't care that he resigned. Then he threatens to reveal Spider-Man’s identity and then Spider-Man stops it. Shocker. This whole story is mediocre. Two point five stars. This review's shoutout goes to @jacobhafnerr. Happy Birthday @jacobhafnerr!

Justice League Dark 1-3 Review
By Duck

I recently read Justice League Dark #1-3. It is very creative. It is written by James Tynion IV, the person behind Detective Comics Rebirth and Justice League: No Justice. He is an amazing writer. Justice League Dark is made up of Zatanna, Wonder Woman, Swamp Thing, Detective Chimp, and Man-Bat, not exactly S tier heroes. James Tynion IV makes these characters interesting. Zatanna and Swamp Thing are actually interesting in this. Normally magic in superhero comics is really weird and convenient, but Justice League Dark makes magic random and explainable. All of the monsters and weird places are interesting and eye catching. Alvaro Martínez Bueno’s sketches in the trade paperback are amazing. It really shows how much work went into this. The only bad part of this is that this hero line-up will get old, fast. Four stars.

captain america
Captain America: The End Review
By Duck

Captain America: The End is written and drawn by Erik Larsen. It is in the comic series The End, a series where Marvel characters face have "final story". The art in Captain America: The End is not my favorite, but it fits Captain America. It looks exactly like a comic from the 40s. The plot is very mediocre, but fits well with what is going on currently. It takes place in a world where the Red Skull convinced Modok to release a highly contagious virus that turns people into the Red Skull. Captain America and seven other people are the only people that are not infected. At the climax, Captain America and a little girl are the only people not infected but they find out that Captain America’s blood is the cure. Captain America gives his blood to every human on earth. That does not seem possible. There are 5,700 ml of blood in the human body. Assuming the super-soldier serum had an effect on him, I will add 2,000 ml. That’s 7,700 ml for eight million people! Captain America: The End is a creative short read. 4 stars. Sources: Healthline Here is a quick shout out to Fudge. Fudge has been helping me a lot with my gaming videos and some of the Marvel stuff on the webpage. I wouldn’t be here without him.

Batman Nightwalker Review
By Duck

Many people know about Batman, but not many know about his past. Batman Nightwalker by Marie Lu is about Batman in his teenage years as he tries to become a crime fighter, to avenge the death of his parents. He is sent to do work at Arkham Asylum, where his interest in stopping the Nightwalkers begins. He begins his investigation by meeting Madeline Wallace, a member of the Nightwalkers. His investigation is very difficult for him, but with help from Detective Draccon and his friends, he can crack the case. This book shows how Bruce Wayne grew from a reckless teen into the hero we know as Batman very well. At the beginning he is very reckless when fighting crime. “If Bruce had been hoping to avoid news coverage after the flurry on his eighteenth birthday, slamming his brand-new car into a criminals vehicle was not the best way to do it.” - (29). In that excerpt Bruce Wayne was trying to stop a criminal, but he accidentally crashed into him. This shows his reckless behavior. He slowly learns how to become a good detective from Detective Draccon and learning. ““We couldn’t have accomplished any of this without your help.” “Well done,” Gordon said” - (263). In that excerpt the police commissioner; Gordon, was thanking Bruce Wayne for stopping crime very well. This book shows how Bruce Wayne grew from a reckless teen into Batman very well. It has a very smooth transition from Bruce Wayne being reckless and angry to him being a great crime-fighter and detective. Marie Lu uses her writing skills she used so well in Warcross and perfectly transitions it to the Batman: Nightwalker. This book was written very well with lots of foreshadowing and allusions to Batman’s mythology. This book is great for young readers who want to read about Batman. 5 stars.

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