DC TV Season 1
Red Red-Hood-mask-810x456
DC TV Episode 1

After the death of Commissioner James Gordon, Red Hood seeks revenge on Joker.

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Kid Flash
DC TV Episode 2

When Kid Flash gets his powers, he must be trained by Jay Garrick.

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Teen Titans
DC TV Episode 3

Red Hood and Kid Flash try to rescue "the beast boy" but in the process Red hood gets captured.

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Green Arrow and Arsenal
DC TV Episode 4

After the creation of the Teen Titans Green Arrow wants a sidekick, so he asks Red Arrow to be his sidekick.

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Impulse talking to Flash
DC TV Episode 5

When Flash goes back in time to see his grandson the timeline is altered so Wally is mad at Barry.

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Flash logo
DC TV Season Finale: Flashpoint

When Kid Flash goes back in time to kill his father the timeline is altered.

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